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What is LiveOS?

LiveOS is an operating system that simplifies use of technology for the hospitality industry. It centralizes the core functions of multiple applications in a single sign-on platform offering accomodation providers the much needed simplicity in daily operations.

The goal of LiveOS is to help hotels make critical and time saving decisions which are cross-functional across multiple disparate systems without having to piece the data together manually. One place for various call to actions from multiple services sitting on the industry’s only hospitality operating system - LiveOS, make life simple!


Powerful Operating System

centralising multiple call-to-actions from different technology providers

Whitelabel & Customize

Make your own LiveOS by integrating any partners you choose

Total Control of your Revenue

Group & Individual property level with complete view of critical KPIs

Robust & Secure

Platform for the entire hospitality ecosystem - ISO, PCI and GDPR certified

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Gain 360 degree visibility with our comprehensive BI platform - a powerful, easy-to-use tool that will enable you to make informed decisions and drive operational excellence.


LiveOS unifies your pending actions in one place, making your daily work-flow a lot simpler. Stay on top of your work with real-time notifications from multiple service providers.

Single Sign-On

Ensure a seamless experience with single sign-on capabilities. Users require a single set of credentials in order to access all areas of hospitality operations with LiveOS.

Mobile Access

Seamlessly monitor daily work from your mobile - manage third party systems and applications from one screen. Reduce redundancies and get access to in-depth data analysis.

LiveOS is a revolutionary platform - we can track our business performance in real-time and that has boosted online revenue drastically.

Hotel Manager

Rise Hotel, Cyprus

We have improved our online presence using analytics driven pricing provided by LiveOS, resulting in better occupancy.

Group MD & Chief Executive - Africa

Sun Africa Hotels

Using LiveOS allows our team to save time in managing multiple online distribution channels, and to focus on important business decisions.

Managing Director

Enderun Hospitality Management, Philippines

LiveOS provides us clear visibility into key metrics allowing better decisions - we have experienced revenue growth of 30%, which brings me to recommend this excellent platform.

Booking & Revenue Manager

Frogner House

LiveOS for Partners

LiveOS signifies 'Profit in Unity' for hospitality technology providers. It unifies multiple hotel
technology solutions in a single sign-on ecosystem that allows hotels to pick and choose the best of breed solutions to run their business effectively. Over 9000 hotels today use the LiveOS platform to manage multiple pre-integrated technology solutions including PMS, CRS, OTAs, Metaserach sites, Channel Manager,
Reputation Management and other services. As a partner application, technology providers
get benefited from direct access and visibility to the eRevMax Hotel Network.

Direct Marketing Platform

To reach hotels through curated messaging and call to actions. Expand your market by being visible in front of hoteliers everyday. Provide latest product updates and promotions to attract and convert business quickly.

Whitelabel & Customize

By integrating your product and services within LiveOS. Provide your own branded platform with additional features and functionalities to offer hotels a comprehensive solution, without investing in development effort.


Opportunities for start-ups or companies looking to expand in new geographies. Leverage the benefit of a ready market of experienced and tech-savvy hoteliers and save up on huge marketing expenditures

Full Control & Ownership

The customer life-cycle from the enquiry stage onwards as the lead is sent directly to the partner's webpage. Complete flexibility to distribute promotions as desired, to generate maximum interest.

About Us

In 2001, eRevMax introduced the concept of channel manager for hotels.
It quickly became an industry norm. Today hoteliers work with several technology systems.
To assist hotels in managing these multiple disparate solutions easily, eRevMax developed LiveOS - a singular platform to operate multiple hotel technology services centrally. Yes, even those services
that are not owned by eRevMax! Because we believe in - Profit in Unity!


Innovate and simplify technology to maximise Profit in Unity


Consistent quality, stability and innovation that: HOTELS trust for increasing profits, PARTNERS rely upon, EMPLOYEES are proud of, and INVESTORS believe in

Core Values

People Commitment - Our team is the foundation of our ability to bring value to each other as well as to clients, partners and investors. So, we continue with utmost respect, regard and support for our team

Pursuing Excellence - Excellence is our journey in attention to detail for the benefit of ourselves leading to the success of all

Global Citizens - Live, work, dream - we are united in bringing together and delivering global values and strengths from our foundations


eRevMax Certified Under EU-US Privacy Shield Framework


Complies with New Framework to Protect Transferred Personal Information

  • 17 May 2018, India

Hotel distribution connectivity leader eRevMax has announced that it has been certified from the U.S. Department of Commerce for the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework... Read more

Infographic: HospitalityUnited.Club releases Middle East Online Travel Trends at ATM


Highlights key cities that lead the region

  • 24 April 2018, Dubai

HospitalityUnited.Club, a consortium of travel technology companies, in partnership with RateTiger and LiveOS has published an infographic ebook titled ‘Middle East Travel Trends’... Read more

LiveOS Product Update

Introducing New Actions to help optimize KPIs

  • Released on 24 May 2018

LiveOS is pleased to introduce new alerts under the Actions Tile to highlight Low Occupancy, Low Production and ADR Variance, thereby helping you better manage these parameters to optimize booking revenue.

To leverage these new features, import your PMS data into LiveOS today and improve your hotel occupancy and production. Contact us on for any queries.

Low Occupancy
This Action shows the number of instances where you have low occupancy for one / multiple properties for different dates. If you have multiple properties configured, you can see the list upon clicking the Low Occupancy ... Read more


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